About Us

Welcome to Belle & Beautique!

Your one-stop shop for all things accessory!

Hi, My name is Christina. I’m glad you popped by for a visit. Browse, shop, stay a while! 

If you’ve made your way to the ‘about me’ page, then I guess you want to know a little bit more about me! So, here goes:

I’ve always loved the frills and lace. Lucky for me, when I had my first baby, it was a girl! When Savannah was just a toddler, I loved dressing her up with something a little extra, but I didn’t want her to wear the same old accessory as every other kid in our play group. I scoured the world wide web and found some super unique, really cute bows to throw on her head. It didn’t take long for mom friends to ask me where I got her bows and headbands… et voilà! Belle & Beautique was born!

With my background in retail and my extreme love for shopping (lol! I mean, fashion), Belle & Beautique felt like such a natural extension of how I like to live and love to do. I’ve been at this a few years and as my kids grow, so does my product line. What was once a few baby bows is now headbands, backpacks, slippers and masks (hopefully only for a short while longer). 

Even though I have this professional website to facilitate your shopping experience, I’m still your local mom-shop… find me on Instagram for all my latest finds and a peek into my crazy life!